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PWR Winter Electives

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Advanced PWR Electives do not fulfill the WR 1 or WR 2 requirement.
Science Communication

PWR 91KR: Scientific Opinion Writing

Instructor: Kevin Moore 

Schedule: TTh 1:30 PM - 2:50 PM

In this course you’ll work to become astute interpreters as well as writers of scientific opinion.  You will explore and write about examples of scientific opinion, and research and create your own opinion commentary for a real publication.

Cultural Rhetoric

PWR 194NCR: Introduction to Cultural Rhetorics

Instructor: Harriett Jernigan

Schedule: TTH 1:30 - 3:20 PM

The gateway course for students in the Notation in Cultural Rhetorics. (But open to all students.)

Science Communication

PWR 91NSC: Introduction to Science Communication

Instructor: Meg Formato

Schedule: TTh 11:30 AM - 1:20 PM

You will explore the variety of formats that science communication can take and explore how different audiences shape the way science is communicated. The class will develop a set of best practices for effective science communication. 

Cultural Rhetoric

PWR 99ANCR: Portfolio Preparation I for NCR Students

Instructor: Harriett Jernigan 


A 1-unit course that introduces ePortfolios and folio thinking to students in the Notation in Science Communication (NSC) or Notation in Cultural Rhetorics (NCR). Winter 99A is specifically for NCR students.

Science Communication

PWR 99BNSC: Portfolio Preparation II for NSC Students

Instructors: Emily Polk 


In this course, students will continue building, revising, and editing a portfolio of documents, slides, posters, podcasts, storymaps, and videos that will demonstrate development as a science communicator/cultural rhetorician.

Cultural Rhetorics

PWR 194AJB: Rhetoric and Black Digital Cultures from BlackPlanet to AI

Instructor: Adam Banks

Schedule: MW 1:30 - 2:50

This course will examine Black engagements with digital culture as sites for community building, social action and individual and collective identity formation.