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PWR 99B: Portfolio Preparation II

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colorful surreal painting of people connected to trees and money and imprisoned

Sample of artifact from an eportfolio.

A 2-unit culminating course on ePortfolios for students in the Notation in Science Communication (NSC). In this course, students will continue building, revising, and editing a portfolio of documents, slides, posters, podcasts, storymaps, and videos that will demonstrate development as a science communicator. This is the second of a two-part ePortfolio  capstone requirement for the NSC.

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Catalog Number: PWR 99B

Units: 2

Prerequisite: PWR 99A; PWR 91NSC 

Grade option: Letter (ABCD/NP)

Course Feature: Science Communication Track. This course does not fulfill the WR-1 or WR-2 Requirement. Required of students in the Notation in Science Communication program.