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PWR 2 Winter 2024

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Preference window for winter quarter is November 13 - November 27. You must submit seven preferences by the deadline in order to be placed in a section. The system will place you in the highest possible choice.

MW 9:30AM-11:20AM; 11:30AM-1:20PM

PWR 2CWC: The Rise of the Guru: Rhetorics of Genius and the Gurification of the Internet

MW 1:30PM-3:20PM; 3:30PM-5:20PM

PWR 2EH: Pretty Serious: Understanding the Rhetoric of Humor

Silicon valley map
MW 11:30AM-1:20PM; 3:30PM-5:20PM

PWR 2MGD: Silicon Valley and the Future of Work: The Rhetoric of Labor Utopias and Dystopias