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PWR 194DS9: Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Alternative Futurisms and Radical Worldbuilding

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Presented by IDA, the Institute for Diversity in the Arts. In this course we will explore science fiction and speculative fiction as readers, writers, creators, and organizers to learn how artists engage with futurist thinking to reimagine and build better worlds in the present. Together we will draw from scholarship across Indigenous, Latinx, Pasifika, Arab, African and Afro futurisms; as well as science fiction and other creative traditions to imagine and build better worlds rooted in liberation and solidarity. 

Students will explore the groundbreaking television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as one example of alternative futurisms and will be joined by a special visiting artist and actor from the show’s original cast. Visits by guest artists from across genres will round out this year’s IDA Spring Class.

Open to students at all levels and for variable unit count.

Units: 1-4

Grade option: Letter (ABCD/NP) or CR/NC

Prerequisite: PWR 1 or equivalent

Course Feature: Cultural Rhetorics track; Crosslisted AFRICAAM197

This course does not fulfill the WR-1 or WR-2 requirement